Notices from the Parents’ Council

Mrs Diana-Beata Biever-Madsen was re-elected as chairwoman for the parents’ council for the 2017/2018 school year. Her alternate is Mrs Esra Adanir.

If you have any desires, requests, praise or criticism, you can write to We speak German, English and Turkish.

The parent representatives of the ERS (Kindergarten, grammar school, secondary levels) can contact us via the parents’ council WhatsApp group or by phone. If you are on the council and would like to be part of the WhatsApp group, please contact Mrs Biever-Madsen.

Every four weeks, we will meet with the principal, Mr Claß, and the vice-principal, Ms Emge-Lieberwirth, in order to discuss the issues the parents raise, as we did last year.

This year we have added regular meetings with the financial officer, Ms Uludag, the school board president, Mr Knafla, and the grammar school coordinator, Ms Heintz.

The chairperson of the parents’ council and their alternate attend the school board meetings ever four weeks, presenting any proposals or requests the parents have to the board. A representative of the school board attends the parents’ council meetings and reports on the board’s activities.

The parents’ council meets at least two times every school year.

Mrs Biever-Madsen will be a part of the steering committee, as she was in the previous year.

Diana-Beata Biever-Madsen
Parents’ Council Chairwoman