‘Almanya’ – The Project of Grades 8 – 10

The presentation of the artistic and musical project of 8th through 10th grades on January 31, 2018, was very well-attended. Guest of honor was Mrs Erdman, the wife of the German ambassador. The spectators delighted in this well-done adaption of the German Motion Picture, ‘Almanya — Welcome to Germany’, which was released in 2011. This tragicomedy follows several generations of Turkish guest workers in Germany as they wrestle with the questions of their identity and where home truly is. The play also featured songs and dances by the students. The costumes and stage décor was also produced by the students. All in all, it was a wonderful evening and all those involved, including the sponsoring teachers (Ms Baytekin, Ms Sevinç, Dr Onur, Mr Korkut and Mr Seidel), brought their very best to the proceedings, whether on stage or behind it.