First ERS ‘Snowball’

On January 26, 2018, the SNOWBALL, the first student ball at ERS took place. The student council and the sponsoring teachers (Ms Şekerci and Ms Bahçeci) decorated the gym and organized a small buffet. Grades 5 through 8 attended from 15:00 through 18:00 and grades 9 through IB2 (12) came from 19:00 through 22:00. Students from the Lycée Charles de Gaulle, the local French school, were also invited and attended with two of their teachers. Towards the end of the evening the principal of the French school also arrived and expressed his appreciation of the students of ERS conducting such an event. All attenders, including the teachers chaperoning, came with a wonderfully joyful and positive attitude, so that dancing continued all the way to the conclusion of the ball. A king and queen of the ball were also elected.