Opening New Worlds through Books – A Reading Competition at the ERS

A reading competition was organised at ERS to celebrate ‘Book Day’. Grades 1 through 7 selected the best readers from among their peers. The grammar school did this with a full-blown casting, for which each of the listeners had a vote. All of the students who were on stage on 24 April 2018 were already winners!

The jury consisted of students, administrators, a member of the school board and the coordinator of the grammar school. Mrs Biever-Madsen, who is the chairwoman of the parents’ council and the initiator of this event, was unable to attend due to illness. Many thanks to her for her ideas and help in preparing this wonderful day.

The best readers not only read from their books, but also explained about their book and took their 80 listeners on a real journey.

The jury struggled to find the best reader with their points-system. The results were also very close. Yusuf from Grade 7 won the competition; not because he was the eldest, but because his contribution affected everyone the most. He received a prize in the form of a gift card for books of ₺150. The other participants also got a ₺50 gift certificate for books. We hope that ‘Book Day’ reading competitions will become a tradition at the ERS.

Jaqueline Heintz