A New Beginning to the School Day

Dear Parents,

In our endeavours to increase the quality of our education, the Ernst-Reuter School is implementing a new method of starting the school day beginning in January. Each day begins with a transitionary period from 07:45, when the children arrive, to 07:55, when actual class starts. These ten minutes are in important part of the daily routine to help the children playfully settle in to their classes properly. Thus, the students will be more well-balanced in attitude and ready to learn.

The school gates open to the students every morning at 07:30. The bell then rings at 07:45 encouraging the children to go to their classrooms. No teachers are on duty until the first bell, but the students are still covered by the insurance policy of the Ernst-Reuter School. Attending the first 10 minutes is entirely voluntary. The students don’t have to be in the classroom at 07:45; rather, they can come in as they choose up until 07:55 when the first period begins. At this time, every child is required to be in their classroom.

This new time period is not meant to be official class time. The students can enter the classroom, get their study materials ready, chat with each other, read or interact with their teacher. The primary goal of this method is to allow each child to prepare themselves for class according to their personality, as each person readies themselves at their own pace. We aim to help the children get themselves mentally aligned for class and step away from their home.

The teachers will use this time to welcome the children to school and supervise the children in the classroom. This creates opportunities for communication between teachers and students, as well as helping the children focus on their upcoming studies. Providing the teachers with more social interaction with the children leads to a deeper pedagogical relationship between them, additionally allowing the teachers a less stressful start to their day.

I am very thankful to all the teachers for their added engagement, which shows how much they are invested in providing high quality education at the Ernst-Reuter school in Ankara.

Dr. Daniel Georg Bauer