Carolling in 2019

The grammar school and fifth-grade children who attend religion class went on their annual carolling tour as a part of the ‘Three Kings Carolling’ initiative of the Sternsinger organisation for children of the world.

The theme this year was, ‘We belong together – in Peru and around the world’. As a part of this the children practised songs and made crowns in religion class. They also watched and discussed the film ‘Willi in Peru’.

Musical accompaniment and expertise were provided by Dr Onur and Mr Seidel.

The day before the students were to sing at the German embassy, the students had the opportunity to present their programme to students visiting from the French school.

The children were well-prepared when they visited the German embassy on January 24, 2014. Dr Onur and Frau Çakmak chaperoned them. They sang their songs to the people gathered there and on the following day visited the kindergarten and the other classes in the school. 

Donations totalled ₺1,364.00 Turkish Lira, which were transferred to the Sternsinger organisation.