Reading Aloud Competetion

On Thursday, the 11.4.2019, it was very quiet and exciting in the gym of the ERS. The students of grades 1-9 had gathered to witness the culmination of the reading contest! The final! And there was a special surprise for the children: a grand prize for the best primary school reader, and a grand prize for the best secondary school reader.

From the elementary school, class winners Lexington Yang, Ayla Yuki Ertik Kashio, Felix Stähle and Cheyenne Nevin Riemenschneider sat on the reading chair and in front of the microphone. They took their listeners and the eight-member jury with them on their journey into their book worlds.

Primary School Winner was Ayla Yuki Ertik Kashio of Grade 2, who received a book voucher from Arkadas Kitabevi.

Cem Sekerci, Leah Aktalay, Hannah Knafla, Zeynep Emci and Verda Özot were so well-read to the audience and the jury that the decision was slim: with 135 points Zeynep Emci from class 8 was the winner of secondary school and also received a voucher from Arkadas Kitabevi.

But no class winner went out empty. All participants received a certificate and a consolation prize.
A special praise and an extra big applause got the class winner from class 1, Lexington Lang, because she had to be the youngest participant to read first on the stage and in front of such a large audience.

The main prizes and consolation prizes were sponsored by Seçkin Yayincilik, Odak Makina, Adanir Laser and DFSK Arif Oto Center. Thank you very much!

A big thank you to the jury. Bauer, Mrs. Bilgin-Ünal, the chairman of the board of the school club Mr. Stritzke, the chairman of the parents’ council Mrs. Biever-Madsen and Mrs. Adanir and the SMV Tanay Özen, Elvin Elveren and Tuna Üvez.

Finally, we sincerely thank Ms. Adanir, who had sought and found the sponsors for the event.