Celebrating the Beginning of Summer

It was a warm, windy day. Students, parents, teachers and guests celebrated the beginning of summer on June 29, 2019, at the summer festival of the Ernst-Reuter School. The festival began with the special presentation of a Turkish-language songbook that contained translations of German folk songs written by Hoffman von Fallersleben. The book was the result of a partner project between the cultural department of the German embassy and the German language and culture department of Hacettepe University. A children’s choir sang some of the songs in both German and Turkish, after which the wife of the German ambassador, Mrs Erdmann, congratulated the children. 

Following the presentation the students of the secondary level took us on the Odyssee. Creatively presented with song and dance, the audience was delighted by the play, which was produced by Dr. Onur, Mr Korkut, Ms. Sevinç and Mr Seidel.

Dr Bauer and Mr Weich

Dr Bauer and Mr Weich
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Mr Weich, the cultural delegate of the German embassy presents a songbook containing Turkish translations folk songs written by Hoffman von Fallersleben in the company of Dr Bauer, the principal pro tem (at left).

Then everyone trooped downstairs into the schoolyard for the actual festival, which the school and kindergarten celebrated together for the first time. The festival was organised by a committee consisting of parents and teachers under the direction of the Parents’ Council Chairwoman, Mrs Biever-Madsen, and her alternate, Mrs Adanir. Foods and sweets of all kinds were available for purchase. There were fun activities for children, such as archery, giant bubbles or face painting. A trainer from Sports International did a Zumba dancing exercise with volunteers from among the parents and students. The festival committee was able to obtain 250 prizes for this year’s lottery. The winners were very pleased with their winnings. At the end of the festival, the Parents’ Council bade farewell to Mr Knafla, who served on the school board effectively for the last three years. The children and teachers are looking forward to school being out for the summer.

joyful bustle

joyful bustle
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Students, parents, teachers and guests spend a delightful afternoon in the schoolyard.

All of the companies represented at the festival paid for their booths or donated lottery prizes, resulting in proceeds of over ₺4,200.00, which will be used for the betterment of school and kindergarten. 

We want to thank the festival committee for organising such a wonderful festival and the sponsors mentioned below for their participation.

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