Distance Learning During the Corona Pandemic – How we used the crisis as an opportunity for development…

In mid-March 2020, we were faced with the sudden closure of the school. We had just returned from our annual ski trip to Kartalkaya when we had to create the structures necessary to make distance learning possible. The staff have received continuing education on how to properly teach via digital media and we have defined what technical prerequisites are necessary for the students to successfully gain new knowledge interactively while being at home. The students and teachers have both become experienced digital learners. The following points contributed to this success:

  • A high level of training through colleagues in a large network of foreign schools.
  • Courage to break new ground, to try out and use different digital learning platforms, software, and apps.
  • Investment in reliable hardware and maintenance of the equipment by hiring an IT technician.
  • Establishing a fixed online class timetable, which enhances contact with the students.
  • A constant exchange of experience among colleagues.
  • The tireless commitment of social educators.
  • Regular online contact to parents, in groups and individually.
  • An optimistic attitude that always focuses on new development opportunities, even in the crisis.
  • The awareness that in addition to professional offerings, playful exchange is also important.
  • Daily lessons online using Zoom or Google Meet.

This new form of learning certainly presents us all with new challenges, but there are also very positive developments overall. The students have taken more responsibility for the learning process. Learning processes and results are structured and stored securely, so that they are always available. Finally, the children and young people have acquired new skills in the use of PCs, which have now gone from a mere platform for play to a work environment.  All these developments will continue to affect and positively influence students’ learning.

Physical Education via Zoom
The kids work up a sweat doing PE at home.
Maths Class Online
Using modern software to visualize Maths class.
Life Sciences Online
Life Sciences class is broadcast directly from the science lab at the school.
Online History Class
Deepening the understanding of history using an online app.