About Us

The Private School of the German Embassy in Ankara has provided exceptional education for over 60 years.
As with all German schools abroad, our primary aspiration is to pass on the German language and culture. We provide education from first through tenth grade using the curriculum of the State of Thuringia. In grades eleven and twelve, we follow the regulations of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO).
Classes run from 07:55 to 12:55 in the morning and from 13:50 to 15:20 in the afternoon.

The following degrees can be obtained at the German School:

Degrees of the German Educational System:

  • Hauptschule diploma after ninth grade
  • Realschule (secondary school O-level diploma) after 10th grade
  • The right to transfer into the Gymnasium (academic high school) after 10th grade.

International Degree:

  • International Baccalaureate® Diploma after 12th grade.


This page contains the forms and information necessary for registering your child to attend the school or the Kindergarten. You can access the current table of tuition fees on the Downloads page.   Registration:   De-registration:

The Lunch Box — School Cafeteria

Our school cafeteria, The Lunch Box, provides the children with nutritious meals. Our motto is: “Nourishment is more than food and health is more than nourishment.” Our colourful cafeteria is specially decorated each season to promote a warm, friendly atmosphere. Weiterlesen...


The Kindergarten is an important part of the school. Besides its general pedagogical assignment, the Kindergarten prepares the children linguistically for entry into the German school. The Kindergarten and the grammar school work closely together to make the transition to Weiterlesen...

Grammar School

About Us The Elementary School of the ERS at a glance The elementary school is part of the German Embassy School in Ankara that was founded in 1952 and named Ernst-Reuter-Schule (ERS) after its founder. The elementary school team wants Weiterlesen...

Secondary School – Level I

An Overview of Secondary Level I Students in secondary level I (grades 5-10) receive classroom education according to the curriculum of the State of Thuringia. We support the students’ differing backgrounds in knowledge and individual learning styles by providing varied Weiterlesen...

International Baccalaureate® Diploma

The eleventh and twelfth grade classes in the academic track (Gymnasium) at the Ernst-Reuter School are conducted according to the directives of the International Baccalaureate® Organization (IBO). A student who completes the IB diploma programme qualifies for acceptance at many Weiterlesen...

The School Library

The Library of the German School in Ankara provides over 5800 books and other media for readers of all ages and levels. Students can borrow these materials free of charge. The librarian, Hatice Dilek, supervises and counsels the children as Weiterlesen...

Social Pedagogy

The goal of the social pedagogy department is to come alongside individual students and help them with their issues, providing students with counsel for daily happenings, such as conflicts they may be experiencing in school. Confidentiality and voluntary requests are Weiterlesen...


Our school provides many activities that enhance learning and create community.

Using Various Media

The German School in Ankara has long used electronic media as an important part of classroom teaching and teachers do their best to incorporate new and unusual media in their teaching methods. The fifth and sixth grade students all receive Weiterlesen...


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