Grammar School

Schüler in der Grundschule

The Grammar School of the ERS at a glance

The Grammar school is part of the German Embassy School in Ankara that was founded in 1952 and named Ernst-Reuter-Schule (ERS) after its founder.

The Grammar school team wants to convey the German language, the German culture and traditions and a realistic picture of Germany. Due to the location of our school within the embassy district of Ankara, and a city with many millions residents, our school is also open to pupils from other nationalities. At the elementary school, we already have an active and alive experience of different cultures and languages. It is specifically an important matter in our hearts that the children who have different backgrounds can be able to gain an early experience. Therefore we would like to contribute to the international understanding and the education for peace.

At the center of our pedagogical mentality, we have put the strengthening of the pupils’ personalities and the support of them working independently. From the beginning, our pupils are challenged and supported according to their learning.


The Grammar School Team

Grammar School Team 2019-2020

Left to right: Ms Bilgin-Ünal, Ms Patak-Yıldız, Ms Dönmez, Ms Çakmak


Areas of Focus regarding our Concepts of Teaching

  • Reliable school hours from 7.55 am to 12.55 pm
  • Intercultural Contents and   
  • Cooperative forms of work
  • Integrated Learning Principle
  • Working under  individual work plans
  • Ritualised daily routines
  • Interdisciplinary principle
  • Turkish as the first foreign language to learn from grade 2nd
  • English as a second foreign language to learn from grade 3rd
  • Promotion of the German language as a Second or a Foreign language (Language Concept)


Features of our educational work and additional offers:

  • Sponsorships between first and fourth graders
  • Work concept “Fistless” in cooperation with the school’s social education worker
  • Inclusion
  • Annually happening Project Weeks / Project Days
  • Joint festivities and celebrations
  • Regular Musical Performances “Summer and Winter Project of the Elementary School”
  • Decoration of the classrooms and hallways of the elementary school according to annual  
  • Regular Free Reading Time
  • Regular visits of the school’s library.
  • Annual Reading Contest
  • Annual Festivities (St. Nicholas’ Day, Easter Egg Hunt in the garden of the German Embassy, St. Martin’s Day)  ice skating, swimming
  • Class trips within Turkey
  • Participation at the mathematics contest “Känguru” (Kangaroo)
  • Regular parent-teacher
  • School’s offer for individual promotion
  • Annual feedback (teacher – pupil) on pupils’ day.
  • Cooperation with the school’s kindergarten
  • Managing the transition to the secondary level

More Options

  • Workshops in the after school program (art, music, language etc. themed workshops)
  • After school care from 12.55 to 5.30 pm 
  • Daily homework time during the after school care

Broschure: Grammar School (English) (3.8 MiB)