What our Graduates Have to Say

» My name is Luca Biever. My father is a diplomat from Luxembourg. I spent my entire school career at German schools abroad. From 2003 through 2009 I attended the Kindergarten, then the elementary school of the German School in Rome. From 2009 through 2016 I studied at the German School in Prague and then came to the German School Ankara, where I attained the IB Diploma in 2018. Beginning in the winter term 2018/19,  I have been studying towards a Batchelor of Arts in history and German studies at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. The IB programme at the ERS was especially helpful to me, because it raises what we learn to the near-university levels, which I would probably not have attained, had I studied at a Gymnasium in Germany. Especially the Extended Essay helped me in the first semester, since it is similar to university-style term papers, similar to two that I am currently writing. In addition, the IB produces the self-discipline that you need to study at university. ERS taught me how to hand in work on time, and to plan and execute properly. Also, the extracurricular activities of the ERS (German School Ankara) overlap with activities that can be done at the university; I am a member of a MUN group here, which is similar to the MUNOL group in Ankara. Over the past two years, I have also had to earn CAS points – CAS stands for creativity-activity-service – which helps me in everyday life, especially when making a fresh start in a foreign city and forming new contacts.

Luca Biever, graduated 2018


» The International Baccalaureate Diploma is a high school diploma that offers several benefits. One of the biggest advantages is that the IB Diploma is internationally recognized. Since the same standards are required worldwide, the IBO offers students in countries with a less stringent education the opportunity to obtain a diploma, which facilitates their access to the most renowned universities in the world. Furthermore, the IB attaches great importance to languages. I became particularly aware of this when I compared the English level I received at our school with the English of my fellow students. In addition, one must have successfully completed CAS to receive the IB Diploma. CAS offers students the opportunity to gain insights into new artistic, sports and social activities. Many of the CAS projects emphasize improving the communication and team skills of the students. Furthermore, CAS promotes the ability to work independently, responsibly and conscientiously. While these skills are needed later on in professional life,  the CAS Diary can already help get a student job at the university, as these skills are required. In addition, as part of the TOK lessons, students’ critical thinking abilities are strengthened. Added to this, you have to write at least one essay in each subject. This offers the students at our school an insight into working methods both for science and the humanities.

Meltem and Mert Çakmak, graduated 2016 and 2018


» My name is Ahmet Alp Aslan and I’m a graduate of the IB programme of the German School in Ankara. Using my IB Diploma, I applied to the RWTH Aacen and am currently studying mechanical engineering. I became aware of the advantages of the IB during my studies. Both cognitive and social skills are promoted. This is mainly due to the CAS program and the priorities that are set in the IB programme. The IB programme tries to change the way students think and asks them to think critically. I have especially felt the advantage of this here at the university, because it gives the students excellent problem-solving abilities. Students mainly learn how to learn in the IB Programme of the German School in Ankara. Research and analysis skills are promoted in particular. Thus one can say that the IB provides an excellent preparation for advanced study. Completing the IB programme in German has proven to be very beneficial for me as I am studying in Germany. But language should not be a problem even for students who are thinking of studying abroad, as we were taught in English both in English and in German. Being bilingual is also helpful for studying in Germany, as a good level of English is required for many subjects. Finally, I can say with a clear conscience that the IB teachers, teachers and coordinators at the German School in Ankara have a lot of experience with the IB and thus prepare the students very well for the exams.

Ahmet Alp Aslan, graduated 2018


» The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at the Ernst Reuter Ankara School has prepared me for my studies and my later professional life on many different levels. One of the major benefits of the IB Diploma at the ERS is that it is a bilingual diploma programme and three of the six courses are in English. This enabled me to bring my English language skills to a high academic level. Good English skills are one of the basic requirements in the job market today. Through all the independent research I did and essays I wrote in each subject, I have acquired new skills and learned to work independently, which is very important for when studying. These experiences and abilities now help me to write projects and term papers professionally during my studies. IB diploma programme’s subjects of mathematics and physics in particular formed the foundation for my current engineering studies. Through the subjects of literature and history, I was able to greatly expand my general knowledge. Also, the experiences I had in the core elements of the IB programme, TOK and CAS, shaped my personality. Through CAS, I got socially involved in various areas, as I faced new challenges. These experiences have helped me broaden my horizons and gain new perspectives. Furthermore, TOK has promoted my critical thinking, which allows me to look at facts from many different perspectives during my studies as well as in everyday life.

Kutlu Alp Öztaş, graduated 2017