The Kindergarten is an important part of the school. Besides its general pedagogical assignment, the Kindergarten prepares the children linguistically for entry into the German school. The Kindergarten and the grammar school work closely together to make the transition to first grade as smooth as possible.

We operate a private German-language Kindergarten in which the German director and three German-trained educators, a nanny and an extra trained German as a foreign language/German as a second language teacher care for 40 children between the ages of 3 and 6 using an open pedagogical concept of early childhood development. We follow the German curriculum and speak German exclusively.

The Kindergarten is an important part of the school as a whole, which exposes children a multitude of educational options from their entry into the Kindergarten until their matriculation. The children are encouraged to learn for the long-term and to explore and expand their potential through a goal-oriented pedagogy.

We focus on each child individually, give them a lot of time in the open air and implement a scientifically grounded educational model. Pre-school children are prepared for entry to the grammar school in cooperation with the grammar school staff.

The Kindergarten Team

The kindergarten director Ms Birgit Hillemanns and her team care for the children lovingly and excellently.


You can find more information about our kindergarten in the brochure below.

Brochure: Kindergarten (English) (3.2 MiB)