The Kindergarten is an important part of the school. Besides its general pedagogical assignment, the Kindergarten prepares the children linguistically for entry into the German school. The Kindergarten and the grammar school work closely together to make the transition to first grade as smooth as possible.

We operate a private German-language Kindergarten in which the German director and five German-trained educators care for 38 children between the ages of 3 and 6 using the open ‘infans Concept’. We follow the German curriculum and speak German exclusively.

We focus on each child individually, give them a lot of time in the open air and implement a scientifically grounded educational model. Pre-school children are prepared for entry to the grammar school in cooperation with the grammar school staff.

You can find more information about our kindergarten in the brochure below.

Brochure: Kindergarten (English) (3.2 MiB)



The ‘infans Concept’ is an open pedagogical curriculum for early childhood education. It is based on the newest neuropsycholocigal studies and has been tested and implemented successfully in Germany. In implementing this concept, we do not have any rooms for Weiterlesen...


Your child will receive a freshly prepared, well-balanced noon-day meal and a varied afternoon snack. Half-day: Monday – Friday 07:00 – 13:30 (no nap) Full day: Monday – Friday 07:00 – 17:30   Weekly events: Monday: Gymnastics in the school Weiterlesen...

Admission to the Kindergarten

Applications for admission to the Kindergarten should be submitted by 30 March of each year. The Kindergarten is designed to serve the needs of children of highly mobile families (German or international officials, envoys of German companies or similar people). Weiterlesen...