Admission to the Kindergarten

Applications for admission to the Kindergarten should be submitted by 30 March of each year.

The Kindergarten is designed to serve the needs of children of highly mobile families (German or international officials, envoys of German companies or similar people). The goal is to provide a smooth transition out of and into the German educational system even when the family moves to a new city.

The Kindergarten accepts children ages three through school age.

The primary requirement for admission is that at least one parent has full command of the German language. For children whose mother tongue is not German, their home environment should facilitate speaking in German. Parents will be advised as to their responsibility in this. Children who do not speak German as their mother tongue must be no older than three years of age. The child will be subjected to a language test one year before they transition to the German School. This test will be the deciding factor in acceptance to the German School.