Business Administration

Frau Nurhan Uludag

Ms Nurhan Uludağ has been our business administrator since September, 2002. She is also responsible for the financial running of the school.

Through good, close and loyal cooperation with the school administration, the school board and the parents’ council, she contributes to the success and progress of our school and for our students and our parents.

She is supported by our building and management staff:

Verwaltungsteam 2018-19

Back row (left to right.): Herr Turan Özmen, Hausmeister; Herr Hasan Batı, Sicherheitspersonal; Herr Necdet Aras, Sicherheitszuständiger; Herr Mehmet Kızıl, Hauspersonal; Herr Volkan Yılmaz, Hauspersonal; Herr Serkan Karanfil, Hauspersonal; Herr Kazim Kuşdil, Hauspersonal

Front row (left to right.): Frau Hatice Dilek, Bibliothek; Frau Nurhan Uludağ, Verwaltungsleitung; Frau Selda Çatar, Sekretariat; Frau Canan Renklioğlu, Hauspersonal

Not pictured:  Herr Erdal Meral, TAV-Sicherheit; Herr Levent Ağgül, TAV-Sicherheit 

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