Parents’ Council

The parents’ council represents the interests of the parents (Kindergarten, grammar school, secondary level 1 and IB program) of every level of schooling to the various boards, councils and administrative bodies of the school. Two parents from each grade level are elected to this body by their fellow parents.

The council meets twice each school year in accordance with the parents’ council regulations. The council chairperson and their alternate meet regularly with the principal and other school administrators, as well as with the board of the school association (‘jour fixe’). They attend the public parts of the school board meetings in an advisory capacity. The parents’ council expresses concerns and opinions, offers advice and presents ideas, thus actively contributing to the development of the school.

The parents’ council communicates faithfully with the parents, keeping them informed of what is going on at the school and providing an avenue for feedback. The parents present their ideas, desires, problems and suggestions to the council, which discusses these and passes them on to the school administration, steering committee, school association board, teachers’ council or the student council as it sees fit.

The parents’ council works closely with the school administration and the school board, taking an active role in the direction of school life and promoting a positive atmosphere in the school through their positive and trust-building interaction.

The following document describes the proper channels for communication:

Parents' Council Structural Diagram (92.1 KiB)

You can communicate with the parents’ council by writing to the chairperson at

You can write in German, English or Turkish; we will respond to you promptly.

Parent representatives of the ERS for 2018/2019

GradeParent RepresentativeDeputy
KindergartenMrs OnukMr Erdem & Mrs Aktan
Grade 1Mrs GelgelMrs Çadırcı
Grade 2Mr SchneiderMr Kılıç
Grade 3Mr WilczekMr Devrim
Grade 4Mrs RiemenschneiderMrs Yurdakul (-Özkan)
Grade 5Mrs AdanirMr Koç
Grade 6Mrs EnginMrs Başaran
Grade 7Mrs KnaflaMrs Aslan
Grade 8Mrs YıldırımMrs Toptancı
Grade 9Mrs SırakayaMrs Arıkan
Grade 10Mrs ÖkerMrs Tüter
IB 1Mrs Yıldız-ElverenMrs Bayrakdar-Üvez
IB 2Mrs Biever-MadsenMrs Rittersberger-Tılıç

Parents’ Council Regulations

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