School Administration

Principal Mr. GroßmannI’m so glad you’re interested in our school …

I greet you as the principal of the Ernst-Reuter School in Ankara. I’m pleased that you are interested in the German Embassy School in Ankara. We provide quality education to children and adolescents from preschool to 12th grade through individual attention in small classes. A positive student-teacher relationship and the gradual development of autonomous learning are very important to us.

The Ernst-Reuter School has a lively school community in which the various school commit work cooperatively to produce positive results in both and new and old venues. The school association board, the student council, the parents’ council and the business manager are valuable and reliable partners in the development of our school. I have the privilege of advancing education hand-in-hand with our dedicated teaching staff through daily professional exchanges, regular conferences and advanced training. We view ourselves as a team that not only works together but learns from one another, modeling the values of living and learning together for our students.

We emphasize the holistic development of children and adolescents. While it is important to learn and deepen the understanding of important content and increased practice of methodology, we seek to develop the personality of each student so that they can take responsibility in solidary with critical and self-confident enjoyment.

Our pedagogical management team consists of Dr. Bauer (vice-principal), Ms Bilgin-Ünal (grammar school coordinator), Ms Ahmad and Dr. Onur (IB coordinators), Ms Hillemanns (director of preschool and kindergarten) and Ms Aktalay (social pedagogue). We look forward to answering your questions by phone, e-mail or in person here in Ankara.

To learn more about the latest happenings in life and education at the Ernst-Reuter School, have a look at the newsletter here on our website or visit us on Facebook.

Your principal

Lutz Großmann

The School Administration Team

School Administration Team 2019-2020

One team, the contact point for you and your children

Left to right: Mr Großmann, Principal; Ms Uludağ, Business Administrator; Ms Dilek, Secretary and Librarian; Dr Bauer, Vice-principal