Steering Committee

1. Summary

The Ernst-Reuter School sees itself as an institution that learns. Developing the school is a never-ending process and thus requires structure to proceed properly. The steering group is tasked with planning, organizing, coordinating and evaluating school development processes, delegating tasks to members of the school and creating tools / assistance required that will make life easier for all members of the school. Improving the quality of our teaching lies at the center of all our efforts. A steering committee is necessary to provide the greatest possible amount of participation in reaching this goal. They provide the framework to make it happen. Decisions on structure, development and implications are formulated into short-, medium- and long-term development goals. A systematic approach and a view to sustainability are very important for proper school development. It is a continuous process that steps through the quality cycle based on past experience and regularly evaluates it.

During the development we carefully listened to the counsel of the process facilitator for Region 13.

Ultimately, the school administration is responsible for the school development processes at the Ernst-Reuter-Schule, though it cannot and should not handle it on its own.

2. Composition

One representative of each school body is a part of the steering group.

Members 2018/19 School Year
Chairperson:PQM CoordinatorMs Erçakmak
School Administration:PrincipalDr Bauer
Faculty:Grammar school representative (grammar school coordinator)Ms Bilgin-Ünal
Secondary I/IB representativeMr Büchner, Ms Sevinç
IB representative (IB coordinator)Ms Bahçeci / Dr Onur
Kindergarten directorMs Hillemanns
Social pedagogueMs Aktalay
Assignee for inclusive educationMs Çakmak / Ms Aktalay
Parents:Parents’ Council ChairpersonMs Biever-Madsen
Students:Student representativesT. Üvez, Tanay Özen and Elvin Elveren
School board:Board representativeMs Winkler
Business Administration:Business managerMs Uludağ
Voluntary members:Interested teachers, educators, parents and students who were invited.

3. Timeframe

The steering committee meets at regular intervals. The PQM Coordinator invites all members of the committee to the next meeting.

4. Role and Tasks

Graphic of how the steering committee works.

The steering group at the Ernst-Reuter School:

  • coordinates and directs school development at the Ernst Reuter School
  • is commissioned by the school board
  • follows a clearly formulated order from the total teacher conference, which sets the framework conditions for the work of the steering group
  • coordinates, plans and evaluates processes that are necessary to achieve the goal
  • tries to integrate innovative ideas with all the committees of the school into school development processes
  • if necessary, moderates and coordinates a project plan
  • reports to and is accountable to its superiors
  • documents process of development