Student Council

“We are not only responsible for what we do but we are responsible for what we do not do as well” [Molière]

Student Representatives Board Activity

We want to contribute to our institution where we get our education and we want to be effective in terms of carrying our institution one step further.

Our purpose is to make the school community stronger, to make plans with various project groups and to make sure that all planning contributes to the learning process.

Our priority is to enjoy what we do and to take responsibility of what we do.

Introducing the Student Council (SMV)

Having the students engage in government of the school through the student council is a vital part of how we fulfil our assignment of teaching and training the next generation.

In this way

  • Students are involved in school community and school life
  • They represent the rights of their fellow students
  • Students are raised as confident, mature and responsible individuals.

2019-2020  Academic year student representatives:

Sinan Yusuf
Sinan Birol (Grade 9) Yusuf Yeneroğlu (Grade 9)

Teacher Advisors:

Mr Büchner Ms Bahçeci-Volkaner
Mr Büchner Ms Bahçeci-Volkaner

Ms Aktalay Social pedagogue, Ms Aktalay, supports and provides for the Student Representatives Board. In order to have a good collaboration with school management, Student Representatives Board organize regular meetings. The Student Representatives Board yearly trips contribute to the strengthening of the Board and contribute to having new projects.

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