Student Council

Left to right: Tuna Üvez, Frau Aktalay, Frau Bahçeci-Volkaner, Herr Büchner, Elvin Elveren, Tanay Özen

Introducing the Student Council (SMV):

Having the students engage in government of the school through the student council is a vital part of how we fulfil our assignment of teaching and training the next generation.

Through the student council, students

  • engage in school life
  • represent the rights of their fellow students
  • learn how to be independent and responsible
  • learn to have an attitude of responsibility towards their fellow students by participating in the direction of the school.

The school constitution (‘SV Decree’) allows for the students to engage in school government by being elected as class representatives (beginning in third grade) and as school representatives. These representatives meet as the student council. Council meetings are conducted under the oversight of sponsoring teachers.

The student representatives for the 2018/2019 school year are:

  • Tanay Özen (IB 1)
  • Elvin Elveren (IB 1)
  • Tuna Üvez (IB 1) 

Sponsoring teachers are:

  • Mr Büchner
  • Ms Bahceci-Volkaner
  • Ms Aktalay

The student council and school administration meet regularly to promote good cooperation.