Here is a list of all the documents you can download from our website. All documents are in German.

Brochure: Nursery (German)3.8 MiB309
Application Form - School (English)203.5 KiB1168
Application Form - School (German)1.0 MiB2086
Application Form Nursery 83.6 KiB349
Application Form Nursery (German)79.4 KiB285
Apr. 12, 2020 Newsletter506.5 KiB69
Apr. 26, 2020 Newsletter433.5 KiB39
Apr. 29, 2020 Newsletter369.4 KiB50
Aug. 29, 2019 Newsletter316.6 KiB252
Brochure: Grammar School (German)3.7 MiB445
Brochure: International Baccalaureate 3.0 MiB385
Brochure: Kindergarten (English)3.2 MiB421
Brochure: Kindergarten (German)3.2 MiB248
Brochure: Nursery (English)3.8 MiB314
Brochure: Secondary Level 1 (German)3.1 MiB328
Brochure: Secondary School – Level I (English)3.1 MiB304
Brochure: Social Pedagogy (English)3.5 MiB176
Brochure: Social Pedagogy (German)3.5 MiB209
Broschure: Grammar School (English)3.8 MiB270
Class Period Times 2018 2124.3 KiB684
Consultation Hours Teachers580.2 KiB51
De-registration Form146.2 KiB1609
Detailed Information about the Kindergarten (German)1.4 MiB29
Feb. 06, 2020 Newsletter393.5 KiB65
Feb. 28, 2020 Newsletter950.0 KiB64
Guiding principles3.4 MiB258
Holiday Schedule Kindergarten 2019-202079.2 KiB463
Holiday Schedule School 2020-2021274.9 KiB87
IB Brochure (English)3.3 MiB317
Information about German School 805.9 KiB330
Information about German School - German 807.2 KiB283
Information about the Kindergarten2.2 MiB1155
Jan. 23, 2020 Newsletter1.3 MiB139
June 2, 2020 Newsletter449.5 KiB73
March 13, 2020 Newsletter614.0 KiB75
May 18, 2020 Newsletter353.9 KiB44
May 7, 2020 Newsletter274.9 KiB41
Notes for Parent Representatives439.9 KiB528
Nov. 10, 2019 Newsletter860.0 KiB123
Nov. 25, 2019 Newsletter698.4 KiB135
Oct. 10, 2019 Newsletter926.2 KiB230
Registration form Kindergarten569.4 KiB511
Regulations for the Parents' Council129.9 KiB131
Scale of fees482.7 KiB231
School Programme2.0 MiB397
School Regulations (German)550.0 KiB137
September 17, 2019 Newsletter573.8 KiB145
Teaching Methodology Notebook 2018 Revision (Current)4.0 MiB1745
Welcome to Ankara Brochure681.6 KiB3269