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The Kindergarten Visits Nature

First bloomWhat is that crawling in the grass? Spring is peeking around the corner. What could be better than exploring the world by digging in the dirt and playing outside? The children attending kindergarten spent the morning in the expansive, forst-like garden of the German embassy. This trip is part of the...Read more...

Celebrating German-French Friendship at the ERS

Die Schüler tauschen sich ausThe Élysée Accord was signed on January 22, 1963. This date now symbolises the friendship between Germany and France. Every year the students of the German and French schools get together on this day, allowing the French students to get to know the Ernst-Reuter School and the German students to experience the Lycée...Read more...

Grade School Project: Cinderella

The choir sings during the Grammar School playOnce again the Grade School prepared and presented their winter theatre project with great dedication and elan. The students designed and painted the set themselves. They memorised their lines, learned songs and practised dancing. The audience applauded the students and the Grammar School teaching team, which worked with the students...Read more...

A Visit to Seviye Koleji in Batıkent

The first grade and us went to visit Seviye Koleji in Batıkent on Thursday, January 17, 2018. We visited the first grade students there. They sang two German songs for us. After that we sang them two songs and then went to visit other grades. They have three first grade classes....Read more...


Method Curriculum

Our teaching methodology notebook was originally produced by the steering committee of the Ernst-Reuter School in 2015. We have revised it this year and added the teaching method curriculum. You can download it below.

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