School Life


Our school provides many activities that enhance learning and create community.

The School Library

The Library of the German School in Ankara provides over 5800 books and other media for readers of all ages and levels. Students can borrow these materials free of charge. The librarian, Frau Yılmaz, supervises and counsels the children as Weiterlesen...

Excusing Your Child from Class

Following is an excerpt from the school handbook of the German School of Ankara Attending School Participating in Class and other School Activities Class participation consists of the student preparing themselves for class, participating in class, doing the work assigned Weiterlesen...

Holiday Schedule

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Using Various Media

The German School in Ankara has long used electronic media as an important part of classroom teaching and teachers do their best to incorporate new and unusual media in their teaching methods. The fifth and sixth grade students all receive Weiterlesen...

The Lunch Box — School Cafeteria

Our school cafeteria, The Lunch Box, provides the children with nutritious meals. Our motto is: “Nourishment is more than food and health is more than nourishment.” Our colourful cafeteria is specially decorated each season to promote a warm, friendly atmosphere. Weiterlesen...

Method Curriculum

Our teaching methodology notebook was originally produced by the steering committee of the Ernst-Reuter School in 2015. We have revised it this year and added the teaching method curriculum. You can download it below.

After-School Programmes

Beginning at 12:55 daily, the cafeteria provides the staff and students with a freshly cooked, balanced meal. The menu for the current month is available on our website. After lunch, the students engage in various extracurricular activities until 15:20. They Weiterlesen...