Excusing Your Child from Class

Following is an excerpt from the school handbook of the German School of Ankara

Attending School

Participating in Class and other School Activities

Class participation consists of the student preparing themselves for class, participating in class, doing the work assigned and having the required study materials at hand. If a student registers for an elective class or extracurricular activity, they are required to attend faithfully during the time periods determined by the school. The principal will decide about exceptions.


Failure to Attend Class

If a student is unable to attend class or other required school activities due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, the parents are to notify the school immediately. Upon return to class, the student will present a written explanation from their parents as to why they were unable to attend school.*)

A medical declaration of illness may be requested.


Leave of Absence from Class or other Required School Activities

A subject teacher can approve a leave of absence (exeat) for a single period. The class teacher or person responsible for the given grade can allow one day’s worth of a leave of absence. All other instances are decided by the principal.

Leave of absences for longer periods of time, especially when adjacent to holidays, are only allowed as an exception and require a carefully reasoned written request. The requestor assumes any responsibility for any decrease in performance the student may evidence. If the decrease in performance is too great, the school retains the right to deny the student’s advancement to the next grade level. Details are subject to the grade advancement regulations. If a student is unable to begin school after a holiday due to unforeseen circumstances, these must be declared to the principal as soon as possible.


*) The school requires a written and signed document to be presented at the very latest by the third day of the student’s illness.