Welcome to the Ernst Reuter School!

Engagement and Commitment, Respect, School Community

Strengthening individual initiative, showing consideration, acting in solidarity

Enabling growth, offering advice, promoting self-efficacy

Thank you for your interest in our school. We are situated in the very heart of Ankara! As a recognised German School Abroad, we aim to build bridges between Germany and Turkey. Since many of our families come from different international backgrounds, our school atmosphere is characterised by cosmopolitanism, tolerance, and intercultural curiosity. We are a colourful community that is enriched by each member’s personal experiences. The cultivation of the German language is at the centre of everything we do is. German is the main language of instruction and is cultivated and promoted in many additional modules.

If the first glimpse of our school through our website has sparked your curiosity, we would love to meet you and your children in person. Give us a call or send us an email. We would be glad to show you our beautiful school building, the modern equipment of the classrooms, the school cafeteria, the playground and outdoor area, and the kindergarten. You will be amazed at how colourful and varied our school is behind its gates!

We can discuss all questions you might have regarding our academic programmes and our approach to teaching and learning during your visit. We make every effort to respond to the individual needs of each family, and you will soon realize how important personal contact is to us.

We offer the following programmes:

If you are interested in visiting our school to discuss the options available for your child(ren), the relevant department head very much like to meet with you, as well. We will make time for you!

If you have any questions, please contact the school secretary by phone or via e-Mail at info@ers-ankara.com. Please feel free to express any queries or concerns in German, Turkish, or English.

We would be very pleased if we could soon welcome you and your children as part of the vibrant school community of the Ernst Reuter School! 

If you are ready to send us a written application, please fill out the form linked below.