Mr. Grossmann, headmasterThank you for your interest in our school …

As the headmaster of the Ernst Reuter School in Ankara, I warmly welcome you. I am pleased that you are interested in the German Embassy School in Ankara. We accompany the children and young people from kindergarten through 12th grade. Individual support takes place in small classes . A positive student-teacher relationship and the gradual development of independent learning are important to us .

At the Ernst Reuter School you can be part of a lively school community . The school committees work hand in hand to provide good things and bring new things to life. The school association board , the student co-responsibility (SMV), the parents’ council and the administrative manager are valuable and reliable partners for me in the development of the school I am allowed to design the school together with a committed team . Based on the daily professional exchange as well as regular conferences and further training, we face the development of our school.We see ourselves as a team that works together and learns from one another. This is the only way we can exemplify important values ​​of living and learning together for the students.

It is our wish to have a holistic view of the development of children and young people . Of course, we are concerned with learning and deepening important content-related and methodological skills , but also developing student personalities who enjoy accepting responsibility in a solidary, critical and self-confident manner.

The pedagogical management team around Dr. Bauer (deputy headmaster), Ms. Bilgin-Ünal (primary school coordinator), Ms. Ahmad and Ms. Dr. Onur (IB coordination), Ms. Hillemanns (kindergarten director) and Ms. Aktalay (school social worker) look forward to hearing from you. We are available to answer your questions by phone, email or here in Ankara personally. We look forward to you!

If you want to find out the latest about life and learning at the Ernst Reuter School, I recommend the newsletters archived on the homepage or visit us on Facebook.

Your headmaster

Lutz Grossmann

The school management team

The school community and the school association board mourn the loss of its former member, Mr. Uwe Schneider, who left us much too early in July 2020. We remember.